Storyteller Evelyn McKeever recounts her inspiring life raising 3 children on Flag Island in Northern Minnesota's historic Lake of the Woods.Flag Island Life: Ups and Downs by Evelyn McKeeever

This book was written especially for our children: Michael, Ronald and Maureen, and for our grand children, to know a little bit about the good old days. David and I are over 80 years old now. The stories in this book are the way we remember them.

Little did we ever think in our wildest dream, sitting by a wood stove with kerosene light and three children out on an island in Minnesota for 17 years, that we would retire in Arizona with all these luxuries.

God has been good to us.

Enjoy the stories as you read them!

Evelyn McKeever

Evelyn's 131 page book is available for order now.
David & Evelyn in 1944
David's Story 7
Fishing - Not for Us 83
Evelyn's Story 17
Rough Waters 85
Lake of the Woods Map 26
Work in the Woods 86
Our Story 27
Warroad 89
Back to Flag Island 35
Tragedy 91
A New Way of Life 38
The Letter 92
Plane Hits the Ice 42
Hockey 94
Fall Work To Do 43
Mike and Ronald 96
An Addition to the Family 47
Rebecca Louise and Elizabeth Audrey 99
Portage Bay Camp Resort 48
Maureen 100
The Sawmill 50
A trip Out West 101
Another Family Addition 54
The D.Q. 102
One More Surprise 55
Marvins and Security State Bank 104
Hardships of the Island 56
David's Parents 105
New Homes 59
A Visit to Ireland 108
Getting Modern 61
Cabin at the Angle 110
Grandpa Graham Visits 63
Another New Dog 112
A Visit to Warroad 63
Snowmobiling 113
One Foolish trip 64
Christmas at the Cabin 114
It's Good Not To Know 65
Retirement 116
Our Family Grows 66
Moving to Arizona 117
Charles' Family Grows, Too 67
50th Wedding Anniversary 119
Building a Church 68
My Favorite Pastime 121
Travel on the Lake 70
Square Dancing 122
One Neighbor and His Dog 72
Alaska 123
Boy's Order 73
A Surprise for Grandmother 124
School on Flag Island 74
Hot Air Balloon Ride 125
Sickness 76
Robbery at Our House 126
Visits to Des Moines 78
Time for Prayer 128
Snowing and Blowing... 80
Other Bridges to Cross 129
Entertainment 81